Home Gym Pull Up Bar Systems

The Iron Gym was one of the first of what would be a long line of companies pushing multi-handled doorway pull-up bars. The sturdy construction, padded grips and no screws instant installation drew our attention and helped sell millions of home gym pull up bars.

It could also be argued that the commercial format, which featured muscular fitness models demonstrating the product in its intended environment, started with the Iron Gym. Or was it the Perfect Pushup? The Perfect Pullup? Ah, no matter. The point is, nothing beats a sturdy, easy-to-install pull-up bar set up conveniently in your doorway.

Below you will find the best recommendations for home pull-up bars. Not all of them install without hardware. If you can afford it, pick one that mounts to ceiling joists as this will be the sturdiest. If you can't pop for one of these, don't hesitate to grab a pull-up bar that mounts on the door frame, such as the Iron Gym. These are still plenty tough.

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